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I was fortunate enough to work with Maven in a group setting and one-on-one. When coaching in a group she makes sure that everyone understands drills, but she also makes sure every single person steps out of their comfort zone. Being one-on-one with her she taught me the needs and importances of not only physical strength but mental as well. 10/10 recommend.

Saskatoon Roller Derby


It was a pleasure to work with Miss Tea Maven. Not only was she incredibly flexible when coordinating with our tournament head, she was open to new ideas as they came up over the course of the training and bootcamp. The coordination and back and forth communication was detailed and courteous, as she was available for reference and planning months ahead of time. Maven was always as excited as the participants were, from start to finish. She was available for private sessions among individuals as well as leading a full boot camp with over 100 participants. Each of the private sessions were unique based on each clients’ requests.
When asking questions, Maven was intuitive and thoughtful, trying to get the best and most concise training for our event as she could. Multiple people were impressed with her humility and knowledge. It wasn’t about just bringing information from her team, but it was about taking what she observed from the leagues in our area and taking them to the next step. Considering the travel time, she worked with our schedule and didn’t complain for a moment regarding the amount of travel she was required to do to reach us. I would recommend her as a training coach for any league in a heartbeat.

Athena Latina
Boom Town Derby Dames

Megan Moody.jpg

At the time Maven came up I had only been skating for less than a year, a total freshie. Maven did an amazing job blowing our minds watching her do what we all will eventually be able to do if we just put in the hard work and dedication. My mind was blown when I watched her do a jumping one footed hockey stop! One of the best things about her boot camp is she broke the moves she taught down into simple steps, and even though I couldn't perform them I understood what I need to do for in the future. 100% recommend her as a training coach!

Megan Moody
Boom Town Derby Dames

3F07BFC3-5D5D-415C-A70F-8A3F881FE9F5 - Rae Cunningham.jpeg

Maven breaks down her instructions into simple steps, can demonstrate skills with ease, and is able to teach people of different abilities at the same time without sacrificing the flow of the class. I always learn a lot from her classes at Rollercon, and because she is so good at summarizing things at the end, I remember them easily.

Knockems Raezor
Air Raid Roller Derby

14D7EB45-6ECE-4B5C-83DB-6A46FA5C33FB - Heather Snyder.jpeg

By far my favorite grouping of jammer classes at RollerCon 2017. Looking forward to the next ones this year. She has solid organized classes, taking time to explain and answer questions. Can’t wait to see what she has planned for this year! Thanks so much!

Sugar Rush
Dominion Derby Girls

Honey Badger.JPG

I really appreciated the personal attention. Maven watched me skate in the tournament and then provided me with feedback and coaching based on what she saw in my game play. The large group coaching was fun and challenging. She was a very enthusiastic coach who was obviously keen to share her passion and energy with the group.

Honey Badger
Yukon Roller Girls


Maven is an amazing coach!! She has helped myself and my team improve drastically in all aspects of derby, from the basics to game strategy and execution. She is excellent at pinpointing areas needing work on both a team and individual level and knows exactly how to help! She is super fun and the sweetest of the sweet! We love Maven!!!

Dirty Jersey Roller Derby

Garden State Roller Girls

I think the Maven practice was excellent. I've done several training camps like that, and I think this was the best one by far. I really liked her theory on the jammer breaking through the wall, it was also the best one I had done and can't wait to try it for real. I am sore today, like really sore, and I haven't been this sore in a good while. I am grateful for that, it means we worked hard. The only thing, and I'm sure this will come up a lot is we ran out of time, and that's a bummer because I'm sure there's more we could have learned. Overall it was great, and I hope she can come back and finish the lessons!

Garden State Roller Girls

Garden State Roller Girls

I liked Maven's jammer class. I'd like to go over and learn more jam start strategy.  She spoke about some good stuff on the line but we didn't have time to try it. Please invite her back!

Garden State Roller Girls


It felt like we got to see and try a bunch of new footwork moves for a short time. It was less drilling them down and more learning them enough to drill them down after, which meant it covered a lot. She was well spoken and great with time. Everything was timed and switched out well even with 90 people so it didn't feel like we were waiting around at all.

Roller Con Skater


I really appreciate the way she broke things down. Her practice flowed from beginning with the off skates footwork, to doing the same stuff on skates, and then applying it to the specific derby skills. There was great momentum and I felt like I was getting slightly better as the practice went on, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Garden State Roller Girls


The practice was really great. She did a good job of breaking things down and pushing us. I also enjoyed the cardio at the beginning. I learned so much about jammer strategy. It was great!!

Garden State Roller Girls


I liked the idea of some of the skills. Maven is an amazing jammer and it was cool to have her break down a couple of the skills she uses. I particularly liked the mohawk, toe pick type hop, into running away. One, it was fun to do, and two, showing the breakdown of it made it so obvious why it works. I also liked the pace line and standing up in between people and ducking around people- the emphasis of using our levels was great.

Roller Con Skater


I thought it was really helpful to have the mechanics of jamming broken down (where to hit a wall, full body juking, narrow plows to change direction), because those things are not always spelled out at practices. I liked that we did some of those things off skates, too.

Garden State Roller Girls


From a newb perspective, I thought a lot of the base moves were really important for me to build correct skills on. The instructions for footwork, never losing momentum, juking, & prying blockers was awesome.  Maybe one day I'll try a tornado too!!  Can't wait for the next practice! Thank you!

Garden State Roller Girls

“All coaching is, is taking a player where they can't take themselves"

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