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Your Questions Answered


What is Individual Coaching?

Individual Coaching is either one-on-one coaching, or in small groups under 5 skaters.  You get to pick the group of skaters you want to skate with, whether it's your jammer buddies, your blocking line, or just people you enjoy hanging out with.  Maven will create a custom and extremely individualized plan to each skaters specific needs.  Whether that's figuring out how to finally nail that hockey stop, to discovering how to use your current skill set and body type to overcome plateaus.  This is Maven's best method if coaching, extremely individual and personal to you.

What are possible topics?

I can coach anything from blocking to jamming, to strategy and communication, or basic skills to more advanced footwork.  With Individual Coaching, I can help with whatever you want to learn in a very individual way.  We can even discuss mental training, strength and off-skates regimes, or whatever else you have felt you need an extra push to get you through to the next level.

What are the fees?

I can create a custom package for you, but individual coaching starts at $50 an hour.  With more skaters, it's slightly cheaper:

Private Lesson: $50/ hr

2 Skaters: $40/ hr each

3-4 Skaters: $30/ hr each

5 Skaters: $20/ hr each

Please keep in mind that travel expenses will be added if needed which could potentially include things like gas, train fare etc. 


If I am traveling to your area or league for a Coaching Clinic, Bootcamp, or Seminar - anyone that books Private or Individual Coaching with me does not have to pay extra travel expenses!


Availability fills up fast!


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