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Multiple Days & Multiple Leagues

Book maven for more then one day, over more then one leagues. Or Invite her to a camp you are hosting.

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Your Questions Answered

Bootcamps: FAQ

What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is anything that is larger then a Single Day or Single League Clinic.  Normally it is something that spans multiple days or is comprised of many leagues.  For example think events like Rollercon, Camp Elite, North East Derby Convention, etc.

What are possible topics?

I can coach anything from blocking to jamming, to strategy and communication, or basic skills to more advanced footwork.  I can work closely with any other coaches involved with the camp to make sure that all gaps are filled in the instruction planning.

What are the fees?

Fees are very particular based on the needs and location of your camp.  I can create any custom package so please  Contact me today.

Gradient Ocean

Coaching Clinic

Teams & Leagues

Request training for your entire team or league.  Maven will work with your league to create a custom plan that works best for your goals.

Individual Coaching

One-on-One & Small Groups

Get the most attention from Maven with small group training or one on one coaching.


Private or Small Teams

Let's talk! Let me consult with you individually or in groups anything from strategy, off-skates training plans, nutrition and more

Coaching for Coaches

For Coaches Only

Let's go over trainings arcs, schedules, practice plans, new skater programs, etc. Learn how to truly get the most from your league and team.

Bootcamps: Products
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Availability fills up fast!

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