Coaching the Coaches

Bring your team to the next level.

Let me help you be the best Coach possible for your league or team.  Let's talk about practice plans, seasons arcs, and training strategies.



Your Questions Answered


What is "Coaching for Coaches"?

Coaching for Coaches is a very special clinic or session where Maven sits down with your coaching staff or department and goes over everything and anything you would like.

What are possible topics?

Specifically Maven can coach:
- How to run great practices
- Creating season training arcs
- Prepping team for games & Tournaments
- Keeping practices engaging and fun
- Incorporating Off-Skates Training Regimine
- Creating a Positive Team Culture
- Encouraging & Incorporating New Skaters & Veterans in the same practices
- Training Team Managers and Bench Coaches for Game Day
- Anything else your coaching staff would like

What are the fees?

Contact me today to create a custom package for your team and we can negotiate fees. 


Availability fills up fast!


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