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Coaching Clinics

Teams & Leagues

Request training for your entire team or league.  Maven will work with your league to create a custom plan that works best for your goals.

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Coaching Clinic: FAQ

What is a Coaching Clinic?

A Coaching Clinic is usually one practice or session, comprised of one league - or a group of over 6 skaters. 

It could consist of one focused topic or session or a variety of general skills and drills.

I work with you and your coaching coaching team to come up with a completely custom, and best plan possible for your needs.

What are possible topics?

I can coach anything from blocking to jamming, to strategy and communication, or basic skills to more advanced footwork. 

With a Coaching Clinic, it's important to make sure there is enough time to cover everything you would like.  So it's always best to have some priorities in mind.

What are the fees?

I can create a custom package for you and your team, but the jumping off point for negotiations is $200 an hour + Travel Expenses.

Contact me today to create a custom package for your team and we can negotiate fees. 

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Individual Coaching

One-on-One & Small Groups

Get the most attention from Maven with small group training or one on one coaching.


Multiple Days & Multiple Leagues

Book maven for more then one day, over more then one leagues


Private or Small Teams

Let's talk! Let me consult with you individually or in groups anything from strategy, off-skates training plans, nutrition and more

Coaching for Coaches

For Coaches Only

Let's go over trainings arcs, schedules, practice plans, new skater programs, etc. Learn how to truly get the most from your league and team.

Coaching Clinic: Products

Maven is an amazing coach!! She has helped myself and my team improve drastically in all aspects of derby, from the basics to game strategy and execution. She is excellent at pinpointing areas needing work on both a team and individual level and knows exactly how to help! She is super fun and the sweetest of the sweet! We love Maven!!!

Dirty Jersey Roller Derby

I really appreciate the way she broke things down. Her practice flowed from beginning with the off skates footwork, to doing the same stuff on skates, and then applying it to the specific derby skills. There was great momentum and I felt like I was getting slightly better as the practice went on, rather than feeling overwhelmed.

Garden State Roller Girls

Maven breaks down her instructions into simple steps, can demonstrate skills with ease, and is able to teach people of different abilities at the same time without sacrificing the flow of the class. I always learn a lot from her classes at Rollercon, and because she is so good at summarizing things at the end, I remember them easily.

Knockems Raezor
Air Raid Roller Derby

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