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What is Consulting?

Consulting is normally online and is the cheapest way to get coaching for you or your team.  Maven can either host online video sessions, or in person depending on your location. Consulting can range a variety and wide range of topics.

What are possible topics?

I can consult on anything from blocking to jamming, to strategy and communication, how to run lines, teams, training arcs, nutrition guidlines, off-skates workouts, mental training, etc. 

I also offer video analysis and review.  Where I watch video of you personally or your team and advise the best strategies and training tips to push your team to the next level.

Have a league your are unsure how to counter?  I can analyze their performance if you have footage or your opponent and come up with training and strategies to assist in countering their strongest plays.

What are the fees?

I can create a custom package for you based on your needs, but the basic structure is as follows:

$40 for one 60-minute session

$160 for a package of five 60-minute sessions

$75 for analysis of 60 minutes of game or practice footage


Availability fills up fast!


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